Kraftwerk come to Manchester in 2017.

Manchester’s Bridgewater hall will have the privilege of showing a live show from Kraftwerk on June 19th 2017.

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The band is originally from Germany could be described as an experimental electronic band using electric instruments to create a distinctive and unique atmosphere for their listeners. They emerged from the German ‘krautrock’ scene in the early 70s.

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Ray Charles’s Birthday Today

The legend that is Ray Charles would have been celebrating his 86th today.

Ray was born in Greenville, Florida as Ray Charles Robinson – son of Bailey Robinson and Aretha Williams.Image result for ray charles Ray was known for his incredible talent sat at his piano and creating amazing, cathartic and soulful music when he was in fact completely blind. However he was not born with his condition. It is said that the reason for Charles’s blindness was a case of glaucoma. At the young age of around four or five Charles began to lose his sight after witnessing the death of his younger brother George who drowned in Aretha’s laundry tub.

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Coldplay uses Kawai Digital Pianos

Image result for coldplay superbowl 2016Coldplay gave an outstanding performance this year for the half time performance at the Superbowl. The set list included Yellow, Viva la Vida, Paradise, Adventure of a Lifetime, Formation, Clocks and Fix You.

Lead singer of the band Chris Martin had the crowd in the palm of his hand with the help of his fellow band members Guy Berryman, Jonny Buckland and Will Champion.

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Timeless Japanese poems revived for digital piano

They’re reaped in deep history and culture, and now timeless Japanese Waka poems, dating back from the 13th century, are being revived for a   modern day instrument – the digital piano.

Japanese waka poems have been revived for the digital piano era
Reaped in history…13th century poems revived for digital piano

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Clavinova recognised as one of “50 Most Influential Gadgets of All Time”

The Yamaha Clavinova digital piano has fought off fierce competition, and been named on Time magazine’s list of “50 most influential gadgets of all times”.

Yamaha Clavinova named as one of Times 50 most influential gadgets
Fighting off fierce competition…the Clavinova has been named on Time’s list of 50 most inflential gadgets ever

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Scientist translates DNA into piano music

A science student from California has made a major breakthrough in the world of music – by translating DNA of a deadly disease into piano sheet music.

DNA for Huntingtons disease translated into piano music
The DNA for Huntingtons disease depicted as sheet music

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Pokemon pianist takes internet by storm

You have to be living under the rock if you haven’t heard about Pokemon Go! The recent  app, involving everybodys favourite 90’s cartoon monstors has taken the world by storm, and doesn’t it just keep on growing. Pokemons now even taking the internet by storm in the world of digital piano!

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Lost Battle of Trafalgar music sheet to be replayed after 200 years

A long forgotten piece of piano sheet music depicting the story of the battle of Trafalgar is on course for being replayed for the first time in 200 years, in a small town in Cambridgeshire. 

Battle of Trafalgar sheet music to be replayed for first time in over 200 years
Dedicated….Quentin Robinson hopes some music loving fans in his local town can recreate the sheet music

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YouTube Piano musicians reach 1 billion views

A popular American musical group, known as “The Piano Guys“, have completed a feat which is up there with the likes of Justin Bieber and Katy Perry – they’ve just racked up an impressive 1 billion views on YouTube.

Views keep on coming - YouTube sensations - the piano guys reach 1 billion views
Playing the right notes – The Piano Guys have racked up an impressive 1 billion hits on their YouTube Channel

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Syrian pianist refugee a sell-out in Germany

A refugee forced to flee Syria, leaving behind his family and friends is now performing to sell-out piano concert crowds in Germany.

concert worthy, Aeman Ahmed now plays to sell-out crowds
war torn…Aeman Ahmad played piano around the rubble of Syria

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