A Mars A Day On The Digital Piano

Did you see Bruno Mars on The Jonathan Ross Show last night? Dragging a digital piano uphill? Bruno’s image has gone from strength to strength – also up-hill all the way.

From Little Acorns

Mars, of Hawaiin descent comes from a musical background of vivid proportions. His parents and wider family had encouraged him onto the stage since the age of three which after watching video footage of his Presley impersonation was ‘fearless’ to say the least.  Early influences in Bruno’s life include Michael Jackson, Elvis and Little Richard and it isn’t difficult to see those role models in evidence today as he explores diverse genres such as pop, reggae fusion, soul and R&B. Continue reading “A Mars A Day On The Digital Piano”

Getting Close To You On The Digital Piano

March is finally here and with it comes the promise of hope. Those born in spring share a refreshing optimism, creativity and imagination. Karen Carpenter, ‘70s American singer and drummer would have celebrated her 63rd birthday today. She fronted The Carpenters with her brother Richard accompanying with vocals and digital piano.

Drumming Up Success Play the carpenters on the digital piano

Karen was a keen drummer whose dexterity on the kit was cited by many proficient drummers of the time including Buddy Rich and Hal Baine. Having started her singing career behind the drum kit, Ms Carpenter was slowly cajoled to the front of the stage where she would head the band as lead singer. Continue reading “Getting Close To You On The Digital Piano”

Sealing February On The Digital Piano

Today is the last day of February so thought I’d finalise my digital piano explorations for the month with the musician Seal.

Sealed With A Kiss

Now at his peak of his music career British born Seal is 50 years old in 2013. A respected singer-songwriter who has a wide vocal ranged and rasping soul voice, a dignified pose and ‘lived in’ face, he also plays guitar and bass. Seal originally qualified as an Architect, singing in his leisure time in local clubs and bars on the London circuit. Continue reading “Sealing February On The Digital Piano”

Paying The Price On The Digital Piano

Today we celebrate the birthday of Peter Andre. Born in North London and of Greek parentage, Andre has become a familiar face on our TV screens in reality shows and as a singer song-writer. Many of his singles can be played on the digital piano as it is a prominent instrument that defines his R&B and Poprock sounds.

I’m A Celebrity’’ …Play Peter Andre on the digital piano

Andre has appeared on this show twice now; in his first appearance he met Katie Price whom he subsequently married. His first top single stated below was released hot on the heels of his romance. Continue reading “Paying The Price On The Digital Piano”

Enjoy The Good Life By Playing The Digital Piano

Richard Briers, OBE & CBE was an actor I looked up to. We shared the same birthday though not the same age I hasten to add. He was a stubborn old goat as per the Capricorn sign and exuded talent and warmth when on stage or the screen. Soon Came Good On The Digital PianoRichard-Briers-Had No Digital PIano

Richard or ‘Dicky’ as many knew him was born to middle class parentage in Surrey. His mother was a proficient digital piano player. Although Richard was well known for his role in many TV programmes, he rose to the heights in the late ‘70s when playing Tom Good in the comedy ‘’The Good Life’’. The melody is a fiddly motif played on the digital piano that reflects the ironic complexities of the simple, self-sufficient lives of Tom and Barbara Good. Continue reading “Enjoy The Good Life By Playing The Digital Piano”

Strange Sounds Coming From Your Digital Piano

One year ago today, Billy Strange, American singer-songwriter and actor passed away. He co-wrote most of his songs whilst playing the guitar but all are transcribed for digital piano as well as other instrumental ensembles.

‘’A Little Less Conversation, A Little More Action’’ On The Digital PianoBilly Strange - A Hero on the digital piano

Billy Strange co-wrote many soundtracks for celebrated artists such as Elvis Presley. There is zany-sounding guitar riff running through the whole of the track which acts as a constant C-, C D C D. It gives the composition back-bone despite its motivic makeup being a simple ostinato. The actual melody Elvis is singing is difficult to emulate on the electric piano as the pitch lacks clarity due to its spoken nature. Continue reading “Strange Sounds Coming From Your Digital Piano”

Monkeeing Around On The Digital Piano

‘’Davy’’ Jones was an actor and singer-songwriter who would have been 67 years this month had he lived. Many would know him as a Manchester lad who ‘’did good’’ as the lead singer in the famous ‘60’s pop band ’The Monkees’. Many of The Monkees tracks are written today as arrangements scored for vocals, guitar, digital piano and drum kit as the ‘boys next door’ image proved a popular act that many emulated.

Getting His Career On Track

Davy got his first acting break in the soap ‘Coronation Street’ at the tender age of 11. His career side-stepped for a while whilst Davy explored life as a jockey but Davy was soon back in the music saddle doing stage work including playing the role of The Artful Dodger in the West End Musical ‘Oliver’.Play the monkees on the digital piano

‘Consider Yourself’ was one of the old time favourites from Oliver accompanied by full orchestra. Continue reading “Monkeeing Around On The Digital Piano”

Shaken Not Stirred On The Digital Piano

Skyfall is the 23rd and latest Bond film to hit our screens. Its production celebrates 50 years of James Bond movies from their first inception in 1952 with Casino Royale. So far Skyfall marks the best-selling box office attraction this year as it Moonrakes it in. Learn the most popular Bond tunes for digital piano now. Continue reading “Shaken Not Stirred On The Digital Piano”

Music In His Gene’s On The Digital Piano

Gene Pitney was a favourite crooner of mine whilst I was growing up. Tomorrow he would have celebrated his 73rd birthday and his popularity and success as a singer-song writer and digital piano player. Continue reading “Music In His Gene’s On The Digital Piano”

Number One Song Played On The Digital Piano

The Twentieth Century’s number one song ‘’Over The Rainbow’’ is attributed to Harold Arlen, singer song-writer on the digital piano.

Though no longer alive, today we celebrate his birthday and the vast number of well-known classics Harold Arlen composed. Continue reading “Number One Song Played On The Digital Piano”