Digital Piano – the perfect all round wedding instrument

When it comes to weddings, most brides want the world, and there is no exception where music is concerned. They want string quartets, organists, choirs, harpists, and the best band available to hire. Unfortunately, most of us can’t justify the cost of having this many musicians. Luckily there is a very simple solution – a digital piano. Continue reading “Digital Piano – the perfect all round wedding instrument”

See Michelle Candotti in Concert

See Michelle Candotti in Concert

If you need some digital piano inspiration then get ready to head over to a lunchtime recital from Michelle Candotti next Friday. This concert is sure to inspire you enough to go home, plug in your electric piano, and play! Continue reading “See Michelle Candotti in Concert”

Park Life Festival in your Back Garden

If you are having a bit of come a down after the excitement of a weekend of festivals, then fear not! A digital piano will brighten up you evenings and bring back the festival vibe. Continue reading “Park Life Festival in your Back Garden”

Try a Kawai digital piano today

If you are in need of a new digital piano then we have just the answer for you here at Chase Direct – a Kawai digital piano. Kawai have long been a leading brand when it comes to digital pianos but many people are unfamiliar with them. Continue reading “Try a Kawai digital piano today”

Taylor Swift Comes to Manchester

This weekend the legend of T Swift has made an appearance in Manchester. She has been playing at Manchester’s Etihad Stadium just weeks after her pal Ed Sheeran played to the masses. This weekend’s Taylor Swift concerts have been a sell out! If you have come to Manchester to see her in concert then don’t forget to pop into Chase Direct to have a look at our amazing range of digital pianos! Continue reading “Taylor Swift Comes to Manchester”

Unwind from your exam with music

Exam season is upon us, whether you are taking your GCSEs, A Levels, or university exams. The combination of taking the exams and doing the revision is incredibly stressful for most people. This is why it is so important that you leave yourself a little bit of time to relax and unwind. A digital piano can help you do just this. Continue reading “Unwind from your exam with music”

Express yourself through Music

Have you ever struggled to express yourself? Emotionally or otherwise, sometimes it can be hard to convey your feelings to others. If you can relate to this then consider trying to express youself through music. A digital piano can help you on this journey of expression. Continue reading “Express yourself through Music”

Serenade Benedict Cumberbatch on your digital piano

This week Benedict Cumberbatch has been in the news for a heroic act which has endeared him to the nation. If you didn’t already know, this handsome actor already has an enormous fan base who look for any excuse to get excited about him. This latest incident where Benedict Cumberbatch has saved a Deliveroo cyclist from being mugged is surely an excellent reason to serenade this wonderful man on your digital piano. Continue reading “Serenade Benedict Cumberbatch on your digital piano”

A Chase Digital Piano – The Perfect Birthday Present

Whether you have a small budget or unlimited funds, a digital piano makes an excellent birthday present and Chase Direct have the perfect instrument for you. When you make a gift of an electric piano, you are not just giving someone a physical object. You are giving them the gift of music. Continue reading “A Chase Digital Piano – The Perfect Birthday Present”

Welcome in June with a tune on your digital piano

We don’t know about you, but here at Chase Direct we think this year has gone incredibly quickly so far. We can’t believe that it is June already! In celebration of June and entering the summer months, we have been playing our most upbeat and summery tunes on our digital pianos. Continue reading “Welcome in June with a tune on your digital piano”