Organs from Chase

Although Chase Music is now known for its speciality in electric pianos and portable keyboards, this hasn’t always been the case. Throughout the 70s and 80s Chase Music specialised Organ advertmainly in synthesisers, but also had a range of excellent organs. A number of outstanding deals were offered to try to encourage keen musicians to learn to play this fantastic instrument. A predecessor of the modern electronic piano, the electric organ boasted a number of features that are incredibly similar to Chase’s line of digital pianos today.

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Meet Mr Synthesiser

Another synthesiser interview! Following the rediscovery of a plethora of old magazines from business man Mr ‘Synthesiser’ Singh last week, another interview from the 80s has resurfaced. Mr Singh talks about what to look for in a synthesiser and how to tell whether or not you are getting value for your money!





Article from London V.C.O, March 1980

Synthesiser magazine

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Meet ‘ Mr Synthesiser ’ Amrik Singh

The London Synthesiser Center was the center for all things synthesiser back in the 70s and after uncovering some long-forgotten archive material, an interview with the company’s director Amrk Singh, from the 70s has come to light. It is amazing to think how far the synthesiser has come since then, and to see how often this incredible instrument is still in use. It was only two months ago when the world acclaimed composer and performer Sara Lowes premiered her long-awaited Graphine Suite which made full use of a synthesiser and a digital piano. The unusual orchestration of the composition created a wonderful sound that somehow managed to marry something like Pink Floyd with Queen’s Flash soundtrack. The piece was enhanced massively by the use of a synthesiser, which just goes to show – synthesisers are not dead!

You’ve been called Mr Synthesiser, but are you actually a player?

Yes I like to play as often as I can. I’ve been playing for about ten years although I actually stumbled onto the synth by accident. I’ve been playing music since I was a child – playing both Indian and Western music. I was searching for a new instrument on which to

play religious music and the synthesiser was perfect.Synthesiser King Amrik Singh

Through the London Synthesiser Centres do you get the chance to form an opinion about the quality of the new generation of electronic keyboard players?

I’ve been extremely impressed with the standard of new players from all types of musical background. The synthesiser is no longer the secret weapon of the keyboard players’ arsenal – it is one of the first items that is considered. We get hundreds of young players in our stores who are considering buying a synthesiser as their very first instrument.

Isn’t the synthesiser a very expensive first instrument?

On the contrary, it has become one of the cheapest in the same way that calculators have become accessible to every schoolchild. Computer type technology and the infamous computer

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The Impossible Prokofiev

Last week Valery Gergiev took on the astounding task of putting on all five Prokofiev piano concertos in one prom. Having performed in many BBC Proms myself under the likes of Daniel Barenboim and Gustavo Dudamel, and having been part of the Beethoven series back in 2012, I can truly appreciate how mad this concept really is. The result was one to be applauded and marvelled at!

Prokofiev Pianist
Daniil Trifonov at Prom 14.

Gergiev has in fact managed to tackle this impossible task once before, back in 2012 in Russia – an event that is still talked about now. The programme saw three original pianists (Daniil Trifonov, Sergei Babayan, and Alexei Volodin) brought over from Russia tackle the fiendish Prokofiev concertos with what appeared to be unreserved grace and beauty.

Time to get to know Prokofiev

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The Kawai ES 100 Digital Piano – No. 1 On Your Wish List

The Kawai ES 100 digital piano can make your music sound like a million dollars so you too can be star. The music millionaires in the Sunday Times ‘Rich List’ this week unveil no surprises as Sir Paul McCartney steps out as No.1 having amassed a fortune of £730 million. The top ten is an interesting sprawl with U2 third in the rich list rankings and eighth position held by Ringo Star. Despite Sir Paul’s recent lack of No.1’s, 2’s or any significant release in decades his prime position should give us all hope.

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The Yamaha Clavinova 500 Series – Just Grand

The Yamaha Clavinova is going over so big; it’s grand. Continuing the tradition of the grand digital piano, Yamaha is promoting its latest addition to the range by way of the 500 Series of which several models contest to its consistency of performance. From the premier Yamaha Clavinova CLP-525 digital piano through to the most senior CLP-575, Yamaha’s high-tech specifications ensures the best possible digital piano performing experience for the beginner and professional alike. ‘Real Grand Expression’ mantra encapsulates the Yamaha Clavinova branding and is realised by the synchronised trio of sound, touch and pedals; all working in perfect harmony.  So rest assured that whichever Yamaha Clavinova model you chose, you know it will be just grand. Yamaha Clavinova CLP-525 DIgital Piano Continue reading “The Yamaha Clavinova 500 Series – Just Grand”

The Yamaha Arius Piano Range – It’s Heavenly

Arius can be first cited as far back as AD 250; as a devoted priest in Alexandria, Egypt. If you too have received your calling then it’s time to check out the Yamaha Arius digital piano range. The result is pure heaven in a box resonating from 6 models from the Yamaha YDP 142 to the Yamaha YDP 162PE.Yamaha Arius YDP-142 Digital Piano available in 3 different colours

The Arius YDP-142 & YDP-162

Either of these two digital pianos is the perfect choice to get your creativity fired up. Yamaha’s Graded Standard Hammer (GSH) Action with a range of 88 keys can be found on the Yamaha Arius YPD-142 and YDP-162 models and will cater for those weightier contemporary bass lines in the left hand whilst accommodating decorative and intricate Baroque motifs in the right hand. Additional functions and effects will add depth and personality to your performance motivating you to refine your repertoire further.

Lauding It Up With The Arius YDP 181

This digital piano offers all the features of its more standard models plus the truest piano sound. The more discerning performer will appreciate the rich velvet timbre of the Yamaha Arius YDP-181 Digital Piano grand piano that is needed to authenticate the detailing of the composer’s manuscript. Nocturnes need to be executed with depth of feeling and maturity whilst the nimblest of scherzos should be light and tactile. The Yamaha Arius YDP 181 will provide all the tools you require to enhance your technical prowess – the rest is at your fingertips.

Sounding Just Grand With The Arius YDP 162PE

If you’re looking for the fullest of conversions then the Arius YDP 162PE has all the power and the glory. The high-end external finish reflects the equally luxurious internal workings with weighted action, controlled volume and simulated ebony and ivory keys to provide the grandest of performances fit for a discerning audience.

With the Yamaha YDP Arius electric piano range there’s something for everyone. The YDP 14 and 162 will fulfil your musical hopefuls whilst the Yamaha YDP 181 and YDP 162PE will take your musicality to the next level. Whatever your choice – just like Arius – you’ll be full of praise.