New Fallout Sountrack from Inon Zur

Inon Zur, brilliant and highly esteemed composer of all of the popular Fallout game franchise since the game Fallout Tactics, has come out with another incredible soundtrack for the game, Fallout 4, and a video has been released showing the game’s main theme being played on the piano. In a recent post on gaming website, they claimed that Inon Zur suggested that the piano should play a prominent role in the post-apocalyptic RPG, seeing as Fallout 4 offers a more personal story line than previous games in the same series. Fallout 4 features voice acting for the player character – something new to the Fallout franchise – and many more lines of dialogue than the previous Fallout games. Inon Zur has composed all of the Fallout games since Fallout Tactics and his soundtracks are considered to be some of the best in the gaming music world. Present and correct within the Fallout 4 main theme is the two chord refrain Zur came up with for Fallout 3. This two chord refrain was originally designed to reflect “the dualism in Fallout” – making the soundtrack perhaps a little deeper than it seems at face value.

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Make way for the Casio CDP-130!

This Casio CDP-130 is being released this week by Chase Direct. As the upgrade to the ever popular model, the Casio CDP-120, there is sure to be a rush of people excited to purchase this fantastic new digital piano, the CDP-130. With ten tones, an integrated metronome, and a whole range of fantastic electronic effects, the CDP-130 is a fantastic instrument for beginners and has everything built in that you need to start your piano playing journey. Even for the more seasoned pianist, this electronic piano is more than suitable for use, and still has everything you could possibly need for a heightened practicing experience. The speaker system has been improved since the Casio CDP-120, and can be made particular use of with the built in ‘Hall effect’ button which applies the most wonderful concert hall reverb to the sound of the piano, making it actually sound like you are performing in a concert hall. The tone of the piano has been improved, and the tone of the voices integrated in the piano have also been improved on since the Casio CDP120, ensuring the entire piano playing journey is as enriched as possible. Continue reading “Make way for the Casio CDP-130!”

Sarah Shing is pround owner of concert grand

Winnipeg in America is now the new home to one of the rarest, priciest, and most impressive grand pianos around today, and somewhat surprisingly, it belongs to none other than a 10 year old local piano prodigy who is apparently destined for great things in the music world. The ten year old in question is Sarah Shing, who is now the proud and incredibly lucky owner of a Fazioli concert grand piano (which is worth a hefty sum), which was purchased from Vancouver-based Showcase Pianos. Sarah, who is currently a grade 5 piano student, (who has also won gold performances and music scholarships as well as having performed with the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra), said she first saw the Fazioli concert grand at one of the most esteemed piano competitions in the world. Each Fazioli piano takes up to a whopping three years to make, according to Vancouver-based Showcase Pianos, which sells the rare and exquisite Italian-made pianos in western Canada.Sarah Shing Continue reading “Sarah Shing is pround owner of concert grand”

Ustad Bade Fateh Ali Khan at the Asian School of Music

Ustad Bade Fateh Ali Khan was once a regular at the Manchester based Asian School of Music. The Asian school of Music, as known by some, is the sister school of the London synthesiser school which comes under the umbrella of Chase Music, known for their world class, top of the line digital pianos. Now specialising in top range electric pianos and digital keyboards, it has been a while since the establishment was graced by Bade Fateh Ali Khan, but in his heyday he performed concerts of a world class standard in the recital hall of the Asian School of Music.

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The Asian School of Music from the Beginning

The Asian School of Music was founded in 1985 by musician and businessman, Amrik Singh, and has proved to be an ever popular organisation ever since. With guest musicians such as the likes of Ustad Bade Feteh Ali Khan, Ustad Salamat Ali Khan, Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Sardar Gulbag Singh, and Sardar Dilbag Singh, and many more, the Asian School of Music meets the absolute highest standards of Asian music. The Asian School of Music grew and developed from its sister school, the London Synthesiser School. Also founded by Amrik Singh, the London based Synthesiser school was also the top of its class and attracted worldwide attention and received a number of awards for both its performances, and its products as well as providing instruments to British bands of high acclaim such as Queen, Madness, and Kate Bush. A visitor to the Asian School of Music Continue reading “The Asian School of Music from the Beginning”

Dotan the Wandering Piano Man!


In piano related news this week there is a particularly interesting story about the ‘Wandering piano man’! Dotan Negrin, aged just 24, is becoming more and more well known for his nutty piano antics. He has taken to pushing his upright piano not just around America, but around the world for no other reason that because he can! Back in 2011 Dotan quit his day job, bought a van and a piano, and went in search of a new (and a million times more interesting and exciting) life!  Dotan the piano man Continue reading “Dotan the Wandering Piano Man!”