Taking The Mickey Out Of Mouse Music Part 2

Having explored the music associated with the super hero Mighty Mouse, the tail continues with more rated rodents and the patter of tiny keys – Mickey Mouse.the opry house with mickey mouse Continue reading “Taking The Mickey Out Of Mouse Music Part 2”

The Patter Of Tiny Keys … That’s Mouse Music! Part I

Earlier this week I heard that Douglas Engelbart, inventor of the computer mouse had died at the tender age of 88. He had an innovative approach that put Engelbart ahead of his time for his mouse resembled a wooden shell complete with wheels and a tail.  However it is the live and distant cousins of this techno mouse that take my curiosity further – all the way to Mouseville…Douglas Engelbart and the first mouse Continue reading “The Patter Of Tiny Keys … That’s Mouse Music! Part I”

Remembering The Bing Crosby Crooner

Bing Crosby is a name that our younger generation will not have been acquainted. Nonetheless today we celebrate the birthday of this long-departed American singer and actor with his rich velvety baritone voice and intimate lyrics that could croon and reach emotional depths you didn’t know existed. Although Crosby was known exclusively as a vocalist – his repertoire was vast with solos accompanied by digital piano and the larger forces of the concert orchestra where Crosby’s love of jazz could be brought to life.Bing Crosby Continue reading “Remembering The Bing Crosby Crooner”

Wren Will We Meet Again?

Sir christopher wrenI wonder if Sir Christopher Wren had looked into his crystal ball would he have seen how wondrous a task he was undertaking when he designed St Pauls Cathedral? From its design and conception in the 1600’s to the present day St Pauls has grown into an iconic landmark that serves the community and brings history to life.

Continue reading “Wren Will We Meet Again?”

The Digital Piano and The Movies – Part X

Delving into digital piano players lives (tongue in cheek) through alphabetical means.  Today  we will look at letter S:

September Affair (1950): This is a fictional story about David Lawrence, an architect and a digital piano player called Manina Stuart. As strangers they board a flight from New York to Rome but soon their destinies are entwined as the plane develops complications and has to divert to Naples. The two strangers soon get acquainted.

Whilst having lunch together the song ‘September Song’ is heard playing. This song is in the style of a gentle ballad accompanied by digital piano. The lyrics are reflective of their time together ‘’…September, November, these precious days I’ll spend with you’’. Their love affair begins… Continue reading “The Digital Piano and The Movies – Part X”

A Lesson To Be Learnt On Sparky’s Magic Digital Piano – Part II

The Prodigy Digital Piano Player – Sparky is an 8 year old little boy, whose life changed when his digital piano started to speak to him. It seems that Sparky is the only one who that can hear the piano speak. With the piano helping him out and playing the music, he took to the stage where he became a massive hit. So popular was his concerts that suddenly he became an overnight sensation and he was touring the country. But all the attention started to go to his head and he became very spoilt and was rude to the digital piano. When the digital piano stopped playing for him, everyone in the audience started to laugh at Sparky who sat at his piano stool embarrassed and dumbfounded. At last the audience could hear how dreadful his real piano skills were.     Continue reading “A Lesson To Be Learnt On Sparky’s Magic Digital Piano – Part II”

Sparky’s Magic Digital Piano – A Modern Story

The original story – Sparky’s Magic Piano was the second in a series of children’s audio stories featuring Sparky, an original character created for Capitol Records in 1947. Sparky was a little boy with an over-active imagination in which his adventures involved objects which magically came to life and talked to him e.g. his piano. But image if you will the same story in a more contemporary setting involving a digital piano. Continue reading “Sparky’s Magic Digital Piano – A Modern Story”

Jumping On The Piano Wagon

The piano has been in our midst for over 300 years and continued to earn itself a place as the top favourite instrument choice for all ages from 5 to 75. Whether you as a musician enjoy the classic tones of the upright acoustic or the more contemporary recreated sounds of the electronic digital piano – the choice is personal when jumping on the piano wagon.

So how does it drive?

The digital piano produces a generous variety of pre-set timbres so you can choose the settings e.g. the traditional concert grand piano, the silvery steel of the by-gone harpsichord keys, various electric pianos that harp back to the sounds of the 60s & 70s like Fender Rhodes and Wurlitzer. You can incorporate other basic “synthesizer’’ sounds to your taste such as string ensemble, rock band, vocals etc. Of course headphones, amps & connections for composition software are all extras that may tip the balance on deciding which one to play. In contrast the ‘no frills’ acoustic piano promises no hidden extras – not even a horn but it does deliver a traditional rich tone and pure sound production. So whether you want to go back to Bach, enjoy improvising over jazz chords like Alicia Keys or explore the wonders of Stevie – whatever your choice – you will surely benefit from the piano. So come on – jump on the piano wagon – it’ll take you on a musical mystery tour.

Def: (pi-a-no.) Italian, short for pianoforte. Piano abbr. p = in a quite tone. Forte abbr. f = loud.