See Gusztáv Fenyo in Glasgow This Week

See Gusztáv Fenyo in Glasgow This Week

A fantastic concert is on offer this week to anyone who is around the Glasgow area. Tickets range from £5 to £15 and will allow you to see pianist Gusztáv Fenyo perform concert two out of a series of five concerts which started with Bach and will end with Shostakovivh. This particular concert will see Gusztáv Fenyo playing from Preludes and Fuges Nos 13-24 from ‘The Will-Tempered Clavier’, Book I by Johann Sebastian Bach. More information about the concert can be found on the official website of Fenyo’s Musicmakers organisation. Continue reading “See Gusztáv Fenyo in Glasgow This Week”

Baroque pieces on a Classical Piano?

Baroque compositions on a Classical piano is an interesting conversation point for musicians today. Some may say Baroque pieces must be played on a harpsichord and others will say that the Classical piano gives an authentic sound to the Baroque works of great composers.

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The beloved Harpsichord was a cherished instrument in the Baroque period. It allowed composers such as William Byrd and Domenico Scarlatti to be more musically flexible with the different choirs of strings that were available on the Harpsichord when composing their fugues, suites and fantasias.

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