Chase Music 10th Anniversary – 1986

Chase 10th Anniversary – 1986

Chase Music 10 year anniversary

Chase music has been up and running now for nearly 40 years and the deals on offer are better than ever! As part of the 10 year anniversary celebrations back in 1986 Chase had unbeatable offers on organs, synthesizers, and digital pianos which were all world-famous. A page spread in the popular Melody Maker newspaper outlined just some of the incredible deals on offer at the time, including a Chase baby grand piano for £499, and a Chase DP30 for £299! Along with the purchase of any of the instruments on offer in this particular advert, a free stay in a hotel was also on offer!!

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Elvis and his Digital Piano

In a recent interview with Sir Tom, the Welsh singing sensation spoke briefly about Elvis Presley, the King of Rock and Roll, and his digital piano. It is great to know that this music legend relied on such an excellent piece of kit which is still just as popular today. The popularity of the instrument among the stars goes a long way to show how convenient they are, mainly due to the portability of the instruments and ease with which they can be set up. Elvis and Sir Tom

Elvis and Sir Tom

It is no secret that Sir Tom and Elvis were pals – as Sir Tom like to tell everyone he meets – however it wasn’t previously common knowledge that the pair used to go back to The King’s room and sing aro

und his electric piano until the early hours;

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Organs from Chase Music!

Although Chase Music now specialises in digital pianos and portable keyboards – in the 1980s things were a little different and the speciality was more focussed on and around synthesizers and organs, which were all the rage at the time. As well as selling top brand electric organs such as the Crumar 915, Crumar 920, and the Crumar 2003, Chase sold a range of top end own brand electric organs of outstanding quality and at amazingly competitive prices.



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Iconic Poul Henningsen Piano

Following on from yesterday’s extraterrestrial theme, today it has been revealed that a rare and Henningsen Pianosomewhat space age Poul Henningsen piano is going up for auction next month. The piano is very similar in appearance to the popular and iconic Blüthner PH model which actually uses the original design by the renowned Danish designer, Henningsen. The main difference is the bright purple Perspex lid which has been added to the instrument at a later date. Although an acoustic grand, one would be forgiven for thinking this was an electronic piano due to the undeniably futuristic feel to it.

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Star Music

Through a series of truly incredible scientific processes, earlier this month a duet between a piano and a star (yes, a star) was recorded and released. The star is from the constellation Camelopardalis and measurements have been taken over a number of years to show that the star’s surface actually vibrates and rings like a bell and gives off multiple frequencies.

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80s Master Synthesizer

From Synthesizer to Digital Piano

Back in the 80s Chase Music was known for its synthesizers which were internationally award winning. Having founded the London Synthesizer School, synthesizers made by Chase Music were some of the top synthesizers in the world. Today, Chase is still up and running, but the speciality is now digital pianos and portable keyboards. Chase electric pianos are some of the top in their field and boast a whole range of features, some of which are reminiscent of those of a synthesizer, for example the Chase P-40. This brilliant advert is for the Chase Bit 99 synthesizer from 1985; Continue reading “80s Master Synthesizer”

The New ROLI Innovation

Roli brings exciting new features to dgital pianos

Over the past few years a new innovation in digital pianos has been developed. A range of electronic keyboards produced by ROLI have started to appear on the market. Currently, they are rather pricey, so not easily accessible to the average Joe, however, the features they boast are evidence that the digital piano is an instrument to be watched and their popularity is unlikely to wane. With developments such as this, there are endless possibilities as to where the future electric piano market is going to go. An electric keyboard is clearly the instrument of choice to have in order to complete any home. ROLI Piano

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Guitar tips from Chase

As recent archive discoveries have proved, Chase music shop has many areas of expertise over the years and as time goes on the company is becoming infinitely more expert in various fields. Something that Guitar MaintenanceChase Music has always been brilliant with is guitars. In the 80s Chase guitars were just as popular as they are now, and the company offered excellent and invaluable advice to all new buyers and beginners.


If you are planning on buying a guitar or giving one to a beginner as a gift, these tips will help simplify your selection.

Don’t buy the beginner an expensive, top-line guitar. At the same time, don’t buy a toy that will go out of tune easily. Acoustic guitars range in price from twenty pounds. For about fifty pounds you can purchase a good quality instrument that will sound perfectly respectable. The recipient can always trade up to another model after he determines his needs. Continue reading “Guitar tips from Chase”

Karl Jenkins and his digital piano

In a 2013 interview with Karl Jenkins, he mentioned the fact that he could write his music anywhere as long as he had his digital piano with him. It is really marvellous (and somewhat unexpected) to see the greatest classical composers today using electric pianos as one of their main composition tools.

Jenkins’ Works

Karl Jenkins

Jenkins was brought to public light after the release of his astounding Adiemus compositions, recorded in 1994. He then went on to release a whole range of other immensely successful compositions including his Armed Man (premiered 2000), Stabat Mater (2008), and Palladio (2005). When you listen to Jenkins’ work, a trained ear can detect the composition methods (for example the use of the electronic piano) as they are reflected in numerous aspects of his music. Continue reading “Karl Jenkins and his digital piano”

Unification Piano Unveiled

At the end of last month the Unification Piano (known to many simply as the Barbed Wire Piano) was unveiled in South Korea. The piano was commissioned by South Korea’s Ministry of Unification and Cheil Worldwide marketing as both a symbol of the division between North and South Korea (which has now been in place for over 70 years), and also as a symbol of Korea’s liberation from Japanese rule.

Unification Piano

Where the Unification Piano came from

The idea for this piano was conceived last year when the Pope visited Korea. He was presented with a crown of thorns which was also made out of Korean barbed wire. The idea of using the barbed wire in the piano supposedly represents peace, rather than war and destruction. Continue reading “Unification Piano Unveiled”