Tokio Myers does wonders for the piano

Tokio Myers

If you haven’t been keeping up to date with your pop culture for the past few years then you might have missed out on Tokio Myers. The winner of the UK’s hit show Britain’s Got Talent has certainly made a stir. Make sure your digital piano is handy because you might find inspiration is about to hit!

Introduce yourself to Tokio Myers

If you have never heard of this talented young musician then you should go and acquaint yourself on Youtube. There, you can find many videos of his live performances and you can be wowed by his stunning piano music. While Tokio Myers doesn’t actually use an electric piano in his performances, he uses the winning combination of an acoustic stage piano and various electronic devices such as loop pedals. At home you can easily recreate some of Tokio’s sounds and styles by simply using the features on your digital piano – there is no need so splash out thousands if you don’t want to!

Tokio Myers

Modernising the piano

The piano has often been seen as an instrument which isn’t particularly cool. It is usually associated with classical music and older people, but Tokio Myers has recently done a lot to change that. His modern twist on classical music has mesmerised young people all over the UK. As a result, digital piano sales have seen a rise. Tokio Myers has proved that classical music and the piano can be for anyone.

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