Piano music re-imagined

piano music

Some of the most famous pieces of classical piano music have been re-imagined and redefined over the past few years. Social media is full of interesting versions of classical music which has been cleverly modernised. There is no reason why you can’t do some re-imagining of your own at home on your digital piano!

Piano music for the modern day

In the past month, Classic FM have featured a number of social media stars who have taken traditional pieces of piano music and turned them into something magical. One of the most recent posts featured a bluegrass banjo version of Mozart’s Ronda alla Turca! Amazing! If you are a fan then you should definitely have a go at creating your own modern masterpiece at home on your electric piano.

Time to modernise your favourite piece of piano music

Take a piece of classical music you know, and play with it. You could try speeding it up or slowing it down – both of these options are quite easy to do on a digital piano. All you need to do is record your music at a speed you feel comfortable playing at, and once recorded you can alter the tempo with the touch of a button. The joy of digital pianos!

piano music

Another popular way of modernising classical music is to distort the rhythms and to add backings. Whatever you decide to try, do not forget to upload your new music to social media to share with all of your friends! Who know, maybe you and your digital piano will be the next musician to feature on Classic FM’s news site?!

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