Summer concerts this season

As the height of summer is fast approaching, so is the season for summer concerts. Proms have been organised and will start to take place in the coming months, and if you are in need of repertoire ideas to play at home on your digital piano, then you are in for a treat. Continue reading “Summer concerts this season”

Piano music re-imagined

Some of the most famous pieces of classical piano music have been re-imagined and redefined over the past few years. Social media is full of interesting versions of classical music which has been cleverly modernised. There is no reason why you can’t do some re-imagining of your own at home on your digital piano! Continue reading “Piano music re-imagined”

Tokio Myers does wonders for the piano

If you haven’t been keeping up to date with your pop culture for the past few years then you might have missed out on Tokio Myers. The winner of the UK’s hit show Britain’s Got Talent has certainly made a stir. Make sure your digital piano is handy because you might find inspiration is about to hit! Continue reading “Tokio Myers does wonders for the piano”