Welcome in June with a tune on your digital piano


We don’t know about you, but here at Chase Direct we think this year has gone incredibly quickly so far. We can’t believe that it is June already! In celebration of June and entering the summer months, we have been playing our most upbeat and summery tunes on our digital pianos.

The most obvious tune to play for us here at Chase Direct is undoubtedly ‘June is Bustin’ out all over’ from Carousel the musical. This particular song is an all-time favourite of musical lovers all over the world. It’s hard not to feel upbeat when you hear someone bursting out in ‘June, June, Juuuune!’!

The 1956 version is a masterpiece and can be found easily with a quick YouTube search – thoroughly recommended if you have never heard this brilliant song. Once you’ve heard it, you’ll be singing it all day long. We have been plonking our chords on our digital pianos to accompany our super renditions of this musical masterpiece.


Although ‘June is bustin’ out all over’ is definitely the most appropriate song to recreate on an electric piano this month, it is not Carousel’s most iconic song. Liverpool football fans will be in the know, but the most famous song from the whole show is ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’. This song is touching and heart-warming and has been adopted by Liverpool fans as their anthem.

This is another fabulous song to play on your digital piano at home – albeit a little less upbeat. If you have a ballad voice then this song is definitely for you. Again, have a listen on YouTube and the chances are that you’ll recognise this iconic song. If you don’t have tears in your eyes by the end then you weren’t paying enough attention and need to watch it again!


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