Try a Kawai digital piano today


If you are in need of a new digital piano then we have just the answer for you here at Chase Direct – a Kawai digital piano. Kawai have long been a leading brand when it comes to digital pianos but many people are unfamiliar with them.

Pianos from Kawai

When it comes to Kawai, they have been manufacturing pianos for many years and are the proud producers of some of the best pianos in the world, both electric and acoustic. They really know how to get a great sound out of a piano and they even make some pianos and parts for Steinway. If you don’t already know, Steinway pianos are generally considered to be the best stage pianos in the world! Kawai use their expert knowledge and facilities to put the very best sounds and technology inside their digital pianos. It is because of this expertise that Kawai electric pianos usually come up top in their class.


Kawai pianos at Chase

You can find lots of information about Kawai pianos and digital pianos on the official Kawai website. Here at Chase Direct we sell a range of Kawai products and there is something for everyone. Our most popular electric piano from the Kawai family is the KDP-110. The KDP 110 digital piano is a perfect instrument for beginners and professionals alike, which is what makes it so great! Other models we stock include the ES110 the CN37, and the CA-17. If you would like to find out more about any of these amazing pianos then the piano team at Chase Direct will be happy to help. If you have made up your mind about purchasing a wonderful new Kawai electric piano then the ordering process is easy. All you need to do is head to the website where you can simply place your order. Alternatively, you can give Chase a call and place an order over the phone! It’s never been easier!


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