Tea, cake, and piano music


Here at Chase Direct, we love our tea. We are pretty sure that most of the UK is with us on this one. In our opinion, the best accompaniment to tea is definitely cake. The best addition to tea AND cake, is music. We are of the strong opinion that piano music is the best tea and cake music of all time, so plug in your digital piano, power up, and get playing!

Piano music has long been the music to accompany high tea. There is no reason why you can’t emulate the glorious atmosphere of the Ritz, or the Victoria and Albert Museum at home. These top venues both offer experiences of high tea and afternoon tea, accompanied by piano music. The kind of piano music you will want to play at home on your digital piano will be light. Either light classical, or light popular will do the trick. Whichever option you decide to go for, the internet has got you covered when it comes to sheet music and chords.


If you have got the digital piano sorted, then the next thing you need to worry about is the tea and cake! For a truly authentic experience, turn your oven on, find a good recipe, and get baking! Home made cakes always taste better than shop bought. Once you have got the cake underway, make sure you have a good selection of teas. You can’t go wrong with English breakfast, but some loose leaf teas always go down as well.

If you are sold on the idea of tea, cake and digital piano music then please do give it a try. We would love to hear about your tea parties. If you have any photos or videos of your event then please tag our twitter handle; @ChaseDirect


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