Taylor Swift Comes to Manchester

Taylor Swift

This weekend the legend of T Swift has made an appearance in Manchester. She has been playing at Manchester’s Etihad Stadium just weeks after her pal Ed Sheeran played to the masses. This weekend’s Taylor Swift concerts have been a sell out! If you have come to Manchester to see her in concert then don’t forget to pop into Chase Direct to have a look at our amazing range of digital pianos!

The Etihad Stadium, where Taylor Swift has been playing, is just a few tram stops away from Manchester city centre. Once you are in Piccadilly gardens you are only a two minute walk away from the Chase Direct headquarters. Here, you can come and visit us and see everything we have to offer! The downstairs of our Manchester store is dedicated to guitars and a few other instruments and accessories. The upstairs of our flagship store is where you can experience the delights of our digital piano showroom.

Taylor Swift

Head to the Chase piano showroom after Taylor Swift

In our amazing electric piano showroom you can look at and try everything you see! If you’re feeling in the mood then you can crack out your very favourite Taylor Swift tunes and have a go at playing them on different digital pianos. You will find that on any Chase digital piano, the amazing settings are easy to use. You can easily switch between piano sounds and add extra backing sounds. All of these features are perfect for your very own rendition of Taylor Swift.

If you come to visit us here at Chase and find an electric piano that you like, don’t worry about having to take it all the way home with you. We can very easily organise for shipping to your UK address anywhere in the country on a weekday of your choosing! It really couldn’t be easier, and what a great way to end a trip to see Taylor Swift!


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