Party Pieces


If you are going to a party where you know there is a piano or digital piano, make sure you’ve got a few party pieces ready to play up your sleeve!

Play the Piano at your next Party

A digital piano is an excellent addition to any shindig. At the start of proceedings if things are feeling a little rigid, turn down the playlist and find the piano. Playing a selection of popular tunes on the ivories (or plastics if it’s an electric piano) will soon get people in a good mood. Cracking out a combination of pop tunes, show songs, and light classical ditties will never go wrong. At the end of the night when things are winding down is another good time to hit the digital piano. You will probably find that people follow you over to the instrument and inundate you with requests of songs they can sing along to.

Dinner party, house party, pool party – whatever your party, a digital piano will liven things up!

Get your party pieces ready

Having a few pieces ready and up your sleeve is bound to endear you to other party goers and put you in high spirits. Video game tunes and film themes are usually some of the most popular things to play as a party piece. If you are need of some inspiration then you will find that Youtube is full of such piano videos. Channels like Player:Piano and The Piano Guys are a good place to start to get your imagination going.

Purchase your very own digital piano today

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