Need a break from reading?


Many of us take advantage of the longer summer nights to get in some reading. We delve into the depths of our favourite books and stay up into the early hours of the morning. While we can easily while away the hours on one book, once it is finished we rarely want to dive straight into the next story. We need time to reflect and even recover, so how do we spend our next few nights? Try playing your digital piano instead, until you are ready to return to your books.

Swap reading for playing

Once you have swapped turning pages for pressing keys you might find you will be on to a winner. If you have just put down a book that left you feeling a little broken inside then let the music of your digital piano sooth your soul! On the other hand, if you’ve got to the last page of a more upbeat read then you might like to play out some thoughtful tunes in anticipation of what is going to come next. Whatever the book was, playing the electric piano is a brilliant interlude before you pick up the next tome.


When it comes to which digital piano to actually choose, there are many options available to you. I essence it depends what you are looking for in your new digital piano. If you have a look on the Chase Direct website then you will find many of the very latest makes and models of digital piano to choose from! If you are trying to stick to a fairly low budget then try having a look at models such as the Chase P-47 digital piano and the Chase P-50 digital piano. If you have a little more cash to splash then look at the super range of electric pianos from Kawai.

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