Jeff Goldblum’s Jazz Piano Album

Jeff Goldblum

A happy day for fans of Jeff Goldblum

Jeff Goldblum has a huge following and fan base. Those fans will be happy to have heard the recent news of Jeff Goldblum releasing a new jazz piano album! If you are a fan of jazz and are in need of some digital piano inspiration then this could be just the thing you have been waiting for.

Jeff Goldblum and Hugh Laurie make jazz

Jeff Goldblum is not the only actor to have recorded a jazz album. Hugh Laurie has been part of the jazz scene for a number of years now and has produced some brilliant albums. His music is available to find through various music sharing platforms as well as on Youtube. If you have never had a listen then it’s time to grab your headphones and sit down. Make sure you are near your digital piano as you are sure to want to get up and play afterwards.

Jeff Goldblum

Let the inspiration flow

All of Hugh Laurie’s jazz music is fantastic inspiration for those of you looking to be inspired to play your electric piano at home. Jeff Goldblum’s music holds the same promise and will surely be great listening to any jazz fan looking to be inspired.

A new digital piano for you

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