Discover the world of piano covers on Youtube


If you are looking for inspiration for playing your digital piano then Youtube is a great place to start. Once you have found a few things you like, you will probably end up falling down a digital piano Youtube rabbit hole. This is likely to fill you with ideas and inspiration to get you going.

Hit Youtube for your inspiration

If you have never looked for electric piano inspiration on Youtube before then you are going to be pleasantly surprised at what you find. There are whole channels dedicated to making and producing professional piano covers of pop songs, film themes, and gaming soundtracks.

All of these renditions of popular tunes are totally doable on your digital piano at home. You will probably find that you are actually able to recreate the same tunes in a more fun and creative way at home. This is due to the amazing features and functions that can be found built into most electric pianos.



Your first Youtube stop for great digital piano inspiration should be Player:Piano. While this Youtube channel hasn’t posted in a few years, it is still full of quirky covers and amazingly designed pianos. Definitely worth a visit.

The Piano Guys

Another channel worth exploring is that of The Piano Guys. This channel uploads super videos by a couple of American dads, one on the piano and the other on the cello. They take current music and turn it into magical mashups which are amazing to watch and listen to.

Once you have had a look at these channels, your Youtube recommendations will probably be full of other similar videos to check out and you will have no shortage of inspiration!

Time for a new digital piano?

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