Digital Piano – the perfect all round wedding instrument


When it comes to weddings, most brides want the world, and there is no exception where music is concerned. They want string quartets, organists, choirs, harpists, and the best band available to hire. Unfortunately, most of us can’t justify the cost of having this many musicians. Luckily there is a very simple solution – a digital piano.

Perfect Portability for a Wedding

Digital pianos are well suited instruments for weddings for a number of reasons. They are portable so it isn’t much hassle to move them from one part of a venue to another. As long as there is a plug socket, an electric piano is easy to plug in and switch on. Unless your wedding is in the middle of a field, an electric piano will be an easy instrument to get going – even then you could get round the problem by bringing a generator!

Amazing sounds at your wedding

Another great reason to use a digital piano at your wedding is the amazing number of built in sounds. With a digital piano you can have your organ, string quartet, and choir all in one! With just the touch of a button you can easily switch between all of the sounds you could possibly need for a wedding.


Head to Chase Direct

When it comes to choosing a digital piano for your wedding, you might find that there are musicians in the vicinity of your wedding venue who actually bring their own electric piano with them! If not, you will need to search for a trusted and preferably recommended musician who you can book – bonus points if it’s a musician friend! Once you have done this, your search for the perfect digital piano is on. Chase Direct have made this easy for you and all you need to do is browse through the digital piano section of the official Chase Direct website!

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