The digital piano – the answer to being a primary school teacher


Have you ever wondered what it takes to be a good teacher? It might seem like a walk in the park from an outsider’s point of view, but in reality it is one of the hardest jobs going. There are many qualities needed to be a good teacher, but to be a really good primary school teacher there is one skill that is invaluable to schools today – the ability to play the piano. Who knew having an electric piano at home could help your career so much?!

A digital piano to help your career as a teacher

Despite the endless hardships faced by teachers today, many young people still aspire to the profession. If you are one of those young people then here’s a little secret; playing the piano will make you stick out in an interview for a primary school job. Having a digital piano at home and taking the time to practise every now and again will help your career. Long gone are the days where nearly all the teachers in a school could happily sit at the clunky old upright piano and bash out enough chords to accompany hymns in assembly. Piano playing teachers are now highly sought after!

The life of a teacher

Don’t let the long holidays and short work days fool you – teachers spend the majority of their free time working and preparing things for school (not to mention marking mountains of books)… They buy a large proportion of their resources themselves and receive very little funding. They are under huge government pressures to do well and effectively fit square pegs through round holes.


The digital piano at home

Of course, while having a digital piano at home and regularly practising will be of use to your career, it is also good for your wellbeing. After having a stressful day full of rowdy children, there is no better way than to unwind with the joy of music.


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