Sing a Song this Bank Holiday Weekend

bank holiday

This bank holiday weekend is bound to be full of activities, events, and memories for many people across the UK. However you end up spending your time today, tomorrow, and Monday, make sure it is a bank holiday weekend to remember. Believe it or not, a Chase digital piano can help you with the memories!

Special Moments in a Song

Today, if we want to remember the events of a special week, day, or moment, we whip out our mobile phones and snap a quick picture. While this seems totally normal to us, historically there were much more interesting ways of remembering special times. People used to write short stories, poems, paint pictures, or compose songs. That last one is definitely the most interesting, especially if you are the proud owner of a digital piano!

bank holiday
Spending your bank holiday weekend on a beach? Try writing a song about it!

Bank Holiday Memories

After the bank holiday weekend, sit down at your electric piano and see what you can create. Whether you compose music with no lyrics, or a song with words to remind you of your weekend, let your musicality run free. Chase digital pianos can help you compose even if you are a beginner pianist.

A range of electric pianos from Chase Direct come with a chord feature. This function makes playing and composing simpler than ever – all you need to do is play one note, and your Chase electric piano will work its magic and turn this into a chord, or a full on backing, depending on your preference. With these features to help you, creating a song full of bank holiday memories has never been better. You can even record it onto your digital piano. Once your song has been recorded, you will have no trouble sharing it with all of your friends and family. If you managed to compose a song for your weekend then we would love to hear from you!

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