Prepare for Starting Piano Lessons this Summer


If you have a little one who will be starting school in September then you might want to give some thought to the piano. If you would like them to start piano lessons at school in September then getting a digital piano for the summer holidays could be the best move you have ever made.

Spend a Summer on a Digital Piano

If you invest in a digital piano in the next few weeks then your little one will have all summer to familiarise themselves with the touch and feel of a piano. When starting to have lessons, it is always a bit of a bonus when the pupil has had opportunities to play around on the instrument previously. A pupil who has been able to play around on an electric piano all summer will understand the feel of the keys. They will understand that pushing hard makes a loud sound and that soft pressing will create a quiet sound. They will have experimented with all of the buttons on a Chase piano.

They will know how to turn their Chase piano on and off. They will know how to adjust the volume, and which button turns on the metronome.

All of these things will equate to a pupil who is comfortable at the piano. From a piano teacher point of view, this is perfect. While timid pupils soon warm up and get to know the instrument, it is always a huge bonus when they are familiar with a piano or digital piano!


Get Your Chase Piano Ready for Summer

To get your brand new Chase digital piano ready for summer, have a look at the range of pianos offered by Chase Direct today! You can find the full range available on the website along with all the technical information you might want, and amazingly low prices!

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