Practise Your Chase Piano with Headphone Compatibility


One of the most popular features of any digital piano is the headphone compatibility. This amazing feature is unique to electric pianos and is an absolute winner for many individuals and families.

  1. Never annoy your neighbours when you use headphones

If you live in a house with particularly thin walls then you might be conscious about annoying your neighbours. Luckily, with a Chase piano and a set of headphones you need never worry ever again. All you need to do is plug into the headphone jack, pop on your headphones, and get playing! Your neighbours won’t hear a thing!

  1. Practise in the middle of the night

For whatever reason, you may be awake in the middle of the night. Perhaps you are a night owl. Maybe you work night shifts. You could have just put your baby to sleep. Whatever the reason, Chase pianos have got your 3am practise sessions covered with the headphone compatibility. You can practise to your heart’s content at whatever time you like and nobody will hear a thing! You won’t wake up your sleeping baby, the rest of your household, or your neighbours!

  1. Play without distracting your family

If your children are trying to finish off their homework, or your other half is watching their favourite television show, they probably don’t want to hear you fumbling around on the piano. Digital piano? No problem! Just plug in and away you go. No noise, no distractions to anyone else. Just you and your playing!


Buy an electric piano today!

If you would like to upgrade to an electric piano with headphone capability then head to the Chase Direct website. All Chase electric pianos are compatible with headphones. Many Chase pianos are available as part of a bundle where your headphones will be included with the piano. For more information and to place an order, visit the Chase Direct website today or call the friendly piano team!

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