Play Shostakovich on your Digital Piano


Shostakovich was an amazing man. Not only did he compose some of the greatest classical music known to man, but he also did what he loved in the face of terrifying opposing forces in Stalinist Russia. That’s right, Shostakovich is an interesting and important figure in both music history, and post-revolution Russian history. Today, his music is readily available to take home and play on your Chase piano.

Shostakovich in Stalinist Russia

In Stalinist Russia, a very specific set of criteria had to be followed when composing new music. You could not sit at your digital piano, compose a tune, and upload it to the internet. Most music to come out of the country during this time was comparable to a communist anthem. Despite this, Shostakovich broke all the rules. He did what he had always done. Shostakovich did not change the way he wrote music just because Stalin told him to do so. In Stalinist Russia, this was a very dangerous stance to take. Many artists and musicians were arrested, detained, sent to Gulags, or worse for breaking the rules. A whole world away from electric pianos and the likes of Youtube.


A Requiem to Shostakovich

Shostakovich waited for Stalinist authorities to arrest him and take him away, but that day never came. While he waited for that day, he composed pieces of music to serve as a requiem to himself. He hid his very own musical signature within these pieces of music – DSCH. When you have heard it once, you can hear it littered throughout many of Shostakovich’s works.

There are many pieces of Shostakovich music available to buy as sheet music and try at home on your Chase piano. If you would like to invest in a new electric piano on which to play then Chase Direct will have something for you. Pop over to the Chase Direct website and have a look.

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