Play Ariana Grande on your digital piano

Ariana Grande

It is hard not to have been moved by the events in Manchester over the past week, and by Ariana Grande ‘s response. People of all ages have been gathering in the city centre to pay tribute to the devastating events of the city one year ago. Many tributes have been paid in honour of those who tragically lost their lives, and there is no reason why you cannot pay tribute at home on your own digital piano. Here at Chase Direct, we have been very close to the events as we are Manchester based. We would like to encourage people to create their own tributes.

Of course, most of the tributes over the past week have been musical. Spontaneous renditions of Oasis songs have been sung by crowds of people, but people have also been signing Ariana Grande songs. A number of Ariana Grande tribute songs to the event have been posted online. Young people can be seen moved to tears while at home playing their digital pianos and singing along. Social media has been flooded with these videos, so go and have a look at what others have posted, and share the love with them.

Ariana Grande

If you would like to add your tribute the number of moving videos already available on Youtube, then don’t let anything stop you. Find the chords to your favourite Ariana Grande song, sit down at your electric piano, and get playing. Alternatively, have a go at composing your own piece of music – channel your passion and emotion into something new. Once you have recorded your playing, it is easy to transfer your music from an electric piano to your laptop or computer.

If you manage to create your own musical tribute to the tragic events last year then please share it with us – we would love to hear.


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