Pimms and Piano – the perfect pairing


As sunshine has been pouring over Britain this week, sunshine lovers all over the country have started to get the Pimms out. This summertime drink has also been making appearances in pubs and bars across the country and shows no signs of stopping until autumn is upon us. What you may not have considered is that a digital piano is the perfect pairing for a glass of Pimms!

Plug your piano in and pour the Pimms!

As you chop up your strawberries and cucumber ready to put into your jug of Pimms, consider plugging in your Chase digital piano. A digital piano is a brilliant accompaniment to the British summertime and sunny weather. Once plugged in and switched on, it is all too tempting to sit your Pimms next to you and have a tinkle on the ivories. What better way to celebrate the summer wedding than this?


Repertoire to go with your Pimms

When you take a sip of your Pimms, what kind of music comes to mind? Jazz perhaps? Or maybe something a little lighter. Whatever you think of, a digital piano has got you covered. Electric pianos are such versatile instruments that they are brilliant for playing any kind of music. You could even have a go at playing some orchestral music due to the sheer number of amazing sounds built into a Chase piano.

Buy Yourself a Digital Piano to accompany your Pimms

If you’ve got the Pimms already but need to get the digital piano then Chase Direct is the place for you. With a wide range of amazing digital pianos, there is something for everyone. The full range of Chase electric pianos can be found on the Chase Direct website. Here, you can find information about each piano and you are also able to place orders through the website.

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