Does your pet sing along to your piano playing?


Social media is littered with videos of pets. Some of these pet videos involve music and musical instruments.

A digital piano will solve your Pet piano problems

There is no doubt that a dog ‘singing’ along to your piano playing is hilarious and a complete novelty. When you have to practise the piano for an important exam, however, it might not be quite so hilarious. Luckily, a digital piano will solve all of your pet related piano problems!


Plug in for some serious practise

When you want to keep your piano practise secret from your singing dog, an electric piano is your best friend. Digital pianos come equipped with headphone compatibility. This enables you to grab your headphones, plug them in and play without the people (or the pet) around you hearing a single note. This is perfect function for not only noisy pet owners, but also for people who want to practise at antisocial hours.

A digital piano bundle could be perfect for you

If you work night shifts or are generally a bit of a night owl then a digital piano is definitely for you. Many of the electric pianos offered by Chase Direct come as part of a bundle with headphones included. This is the perfect starter pack for anyone who is interested in learning the piano but might want to do so quietly! These digital piano bundles also come complete with a piano stool and a stand and case for selected pianos as well. The best part about Chase digital piano bundles is that they are available for the most amazing prices imaginable!

If you would like to explore the full range of digital pianos available from Chase Direct then head to the Chase Direct official website. If you have any further questions then do not hesitate to give the friendly piano team a call!


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