Invest in a digital piano for GCSE music

GCSE music

If you or your child are doing GCSE music then you will know that a piano is an important piece of kit. Luckily for you, digital pianos from Chase direct are incredibly affordable and come with everything you need to see you through your GCSE music exam!

Enhance your preparations for GCSE music with an electric piano

For GCSE music, there are multiple aspects to the course. Depending on which exam board you are completing your test through, you will probably have to do some composition at some point! Even if you are not a pianist, a digital piano will be the most useful piece of kit imaginable for a composition module.

With an electric piano, you can tap out tunes and melodies on the keys to check how things sound. This is particularly useful if you don’t have immediate access to digital composing software. You can also compose music and record your playing. With this amazing feature it is easy to pay your new music at home on your digital piano, record it, and then take it in to school to show your music teacher. This process makes composition a million times easier than trying to compose in your head, or even on other instruments.

GCSE music

Let digital piano technology help you with your compositions

Thanks to amazing advancements in digital piano technology, there are also many different sounds and digital piano voices built into electric pianos. If you are writing a composition for strings, then you can turn on the string sound with just the touch of a button! It really could not be any simpler.

To browse an amazing range of digital pianos, head to the Chase Direct website. Each digital piano has a full break down of technical specifications on its individual product page. If you have any questions about which electric piano would suit you best, do not hesitate to call the Chase Direct piano team.

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