Honour Nature with a Digital Piano Composition


If you have been keeping up with recent classical music releases then you will know that there have recently been a lot of compositions surrounding nature. Many musicians do what they do best to honour nature – they compose. You can follow their lead at home with your digital piano.

Take inspiration from the nature around you

It does not take much to be inspired by nature. Wherever you live, there will be some kind of natural wonder around you – even if you live in a city. The moment you feel inspiration strike, dash to your digital piano and play. You do not have to be a genius or a piano virtuoso to compose on an electric piano. Once your fingers touch the keys, let them wander wherever feels most natural, while thinking about your nature inspiration. When you have come up with something you are happy with (even if it is just a bar of music), record it onto your digital piano. If you repeat this process every time you feel inspired, you will end up with a piece of music fully inspired by the nature around you.


A digital piano will add a new depth to your nature composition

With the added help of an electric piano, you can take your composition to new levels. You can add interesting textures, instruments, and beats. You can use the recording feature to overlay one part on top of another. The possibilities are endless and your composition has no limits.

If you don’t have a digital piano but think owning one would help your ode to nature, have a look on the Chase Direct website. Chase Direct have marvelous electric pianos and there is a wide variety to choose from. If you have any questions about Chase Direct digital pianos then do not hesitate to call the piano team for advice.

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