Digital Piano Inspiration from Richard Deering

Richard Deering

Your latest digital piano inspiration will be coming to Oxfordshire tomorrow morning. Richard Deering will be playing six pieces for piano and you will be itching to go home and play your Chase piano by the end of the concert!

See Richard Deering live in Concert

Richard Deering will be playing tomorrow in Silk Hall, OX14 2HR at 10:45am. Tickets are £20 and can be purchased from the English Music Festival website. The programme from Richard Deering will be compiled of music from Alwyn, Bennett, Hastings Parry, McGuire, Bliss, and Bowen. This programme is absolutely guaranteed to give you inspiration to go home and play your electric piano.

Richard Deering

Play at home on your own piano

Following this promising concert from Richard Deering, should you want to go home and play any of the repertoire, your Chase piano will be the perfect instrument for the job. With a plethora of amazing features and functions built in, you will get maximum efficiency from your piano. Once you have practised your pieces to a performable level, it is incredibly easy to record and share them, thanks to digital piano technology. Remember to use the digital piano hashtag ( #digitalpiano ) when you share your playing on social media!

Invest in your Own Digital Piano

If you are in need of a new digital piano then head to the Chase Direct website. Here you will find an astonishing range of top quality electric pianos at great prices. Chase pianos are usually available as part of a bundle with everything you could possibly need to start your digital piano playing adventure. If you are unsure about where to start, browse through the range of digital pianos available on the website. If you would still like some assistance then do not hesitate to contact the friendly Chase Direct piano team!


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