Celebrate the Royal Wedding with your Digital Piano

Royal Wedding

The whole country has begun its celebrations for the Royal Wedding this weekend. This event has been topping all headlines across the globe for several days and shows no sign of stopping! If you have a Chase digital piano at home then use the Royal wedding as an excuse to get playing!!

Play some Royal Wedding tunes on your Chase electric piano

Some of the music due to be played at the Royal Wedding this weekend is phenomenal. All of this music can be played at home on your very own Chase digital piano – what better way to celebrate such a monumental event? One of the most popular wedding pieces of music is Widor’s Toccata which is regularly used as exit music at a wedding. There is talk that this particular piece of music will be used today as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle leave Windsor Castle.

Royal Wedding

Widor Toccata on your Electric Piano

There is no doubt that if the Widor Toccata is to be played today at the Royal Wedding, it will be played by one of the world’s greatest organists. The piece is fiendish for even the most accomplished musician, but if you can master it then you will be the talk of the town! The piece of music was written for organ although there are many versions which have been transcribed for the piano. If you want to try it out on your Chase piano at home then it is the next best thing after an organ! On an electric piano from Chase, you can switch to a magnificent organ sound with just the touch of a button.

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