The CDP-489 Digital Piano from Chase Direct

The CDP-489 Digital Piano from Chase Direct

If you are in search of a new digital piano then you need to have a look at the Chase CDP-489. This phenomenal electric piano ticks every box while still looking absolutely stunning and having a rock-bottom price tag attached!

Chase Direct have been making pianos for a long time and are one of Britain’s biggest electric piano retailers. They have all the experience and knowledge needed to make a world-class electronic piano – which is exactly what the Chase CDP489 is.

Extrordinary Keys on the Chase CDP-489 Digital Piano

This extraordinarily sleek digital piano is perfect for both beginners and professionals and comes with a plethora of handy features and functions. The 88 note keys are fully weighted and feel just like an acoustic concert piano. The piano technicians at Chase Direct have jam-packed the Chase CDP 489 electronic piano full of all the latest digital piano technology including the very best graded hammer action underneath the keys. This gives the CDP-489 its unbelievable feel. If you close your eyes, it is nearly impossible to tell the difference between the CDP489 and a concert grand piano.


Impressive Features of the Chase CDP-489 Digital Piano

Some of the best features about this amazing digital piano are its impressive built in sound system, and the extraordinarily high quality of sampled sounds. These features put the CDP 489 high above other digital pianos in the same class.

Buy your CDP-489 Today from Chase Direct

If you are interested in buying your very own Chase CDP-489 digital piano then you can order one from the website today! A full set of technical information and specifications is available on the product page online. If you have any further questions about the piano, or would like to discuss any other pianos from Chase Direct then please do not hesitate to give the friendly piano team a call!

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