The Brodsky Trio Play in London


Are you looking for some inspiration for playing your Chase piano at home? Luckily, inspiration for digital pianos can come in all shapes and sizes. Head to London where you can see the Brodsky Trio in action for your weekly dose of inspiration.

Start a Trio

A trio can consist of pretty much any instruments, but a piano is usually a good start. If you have a digital piano and two friends who play instruments then you have everything you could possibly need to start your very own trio. A lot of music written for trios can be adapted to suit whatever instruments you have in your group. If you have a good electric piano then you could potentially be a one man / woman trio if you make good use of the recording functions.

The Brodsky Trio

The Brodsky trio is an unusual combination of instruments. It is made up of a viola, soprano, and a piano. This is not something that is regularly come across. In fact, many people do not even know what a viola is! For the record, a viola is a bigger version of a violin and it makes a deeper (and arguably much more beautiful) sound. The Brodsky trio will be playing in Regent Hall on Friday at 1pm. Their programme consists of two pieces from Brahms and two pieces from Rachmaninov and no tickets are needed to enter the concert. If you are in the area then watching the Brodsky Trio is a marvellous way to spend a lunch break!

The viola – the violin’s big broher


Buy a Digital Piano and Start a Trio Today

If you would love to be the pianist in a trio but do not have a piano on which to play, then Chase Direct has the answer for you! With a huge range of digital pianos, there is something for everyone. Have a look at the Chase Direct website for more information and to place an order for your amazing new Chase piano!

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