Abandoned Pianos in Stunning Photographs by Romain Thiery

Romain Thiery

Abandoned Pianos in Stunning Photographs by Romain Thiery

Have you ever wondered what happens to all the old acoustic pianos when people upgrade to electric pianos? Yes, there are a handful of charities dedicated to rescuing acoustic pianos that have been replaced by digital pianos, but there is still a great number of instruments that end up being abandoned. Romain Thiery has turned these pianos into works of art.

Photo Series from Romain Thiery

A French photographer by the name of Romain Thiery is responsible for a captivating set of photographs which have recently made it into the news. He made it his mission to travel around Europe and find abandoned pianos in abandoned buildings. The result is absolutely beautiful and certainly worth a look at. The full set of phenomenal photographs can be found on Romain Thiery’s website.

Romain Thiery
Image from www.RomainThiery.fr

Long Live Digital Pianos

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