Practise Your Chase Piano with Headphone Compatibility

One of the most popular features of any digital piano is the headphone compatibility. This amazing feature is unique to electric pianos and is an absolute winner for many individuals and families. Continue reading “Practise Your Chase Piano with Headphone Compatibility”

Prepare for Starting Piano Lessons this Summer

If you have a little one who will be starting school in September then you might want to give some thought to the piano. If you would like them to start piano lessons at school in September then getting a digital piano for the summer holidays could be the best move you have ever made. Continue reading “Prepare for Starting Piano Lessons this Summer”

Digital Pianos – The Pianos of the Future

Fifty years ago many people would have been skeptical of digital pianos being the instruments of the future. Fast forward to now, and electric pianos have made their mark on their world. Continue reading “Digital Pianos – The Pianos of the Future”

Pimms and Piano – the perfect pairing

As sunshine has been pouring over Britain this week, sunshine lovers all over the country have started to get the Pimms out. This summertime drink has also been making appearances in pubs and bars across the country and shows no signs of stopping until autumn is upon us. What you may not have considered is that a digital piano is the perfect pairing for a glass of Pimms! Continue reading “Pimms and Piano – the perfect pairing”

Nigel Kennedy Could be your Digital Piano Inspiration

Last week the famous violinist, Nigel Kennedy played a magnificent set in Manchester’s Bridgewater Hall. He included pieces in his set list which would make excellent inspiration for your digital piano playing. A Chase digital piano would be the perfect instrument on which to let your creative juices flow! Continue reading “Nigel Kennedy Could be your Digital Piano Inspiration”

The Brodsky Trio Play in London

Are you looking for some inspiration for playing your Chase piano at home? Luckily, inspiration for digital pianos can come in all shapes and sizes. Head to London where you can see the Brodsky Trio in action for your weekly dose of inspiration. Continue reading “The Brodsky Trio Play in London”

Top Three Reasons Why You Should Buy A Digital Piano

Top Three Reasons Why You Should Buy A Digital Piano

Perhaps you have always wondered about buying a digital piano but have never done it. Here are the three best reasons for going ahead and buying an electric piano today. Continue reading “Top Three Reasons Why You Should Buy A Digital Piano”

Play Shostakovich on your Digital Piano

Shostakovich was an amazing man. Not only did he compose some of the greatest classical music known to man, but he also did what he loved in the face of terrifying opposing forces in Stalinist Russia. That’s right, Shostakovich is an interesting and important figure in both music history, and post-revolution Russian history. Today, his music is readily available to take home and play on your Chase piano. Continue reading “Play Shostakovich on your Digital Piano”

Pedals for your Digital Piano

Pedals for your Digital Piano

Here at Chase Direct, we get asked a lot of questions about the pedals on a digital piano. Many people have no idea what they are for. Of course, this is understandable if you are new to electric pianos! Continue reading “Pedals for your Digital Piano”

How to Transition from an Acoustic Piano to a Digital Piano

Have you ever wondered about how a digital piano compares to an acoustic piano? Have you thought about making the transition from one to the other but not been quite sure what to expect? With a Chase digital piano there is virtually no transition at all! Continue reading “How to Transition from an Acoustic Piano to a Digital Piano”