Wow your friends with the Kawai KDP 110 digital piano

Kawai KDP110

Wow your friends with the Kawai KDP 110 digital piano

If you are looking for a new family piano then look no further than the brand new Kawai KDP 110. This new digital piano is the successor of the incredibly popular KDP-90 which is one of the most popular electronic pianos to be sold by Chase Direct. The KDP 110 digital piano has many new and improved features which ensure this piano is the perfect instrument for a piano playing family.

Aesthetically, the KDP-110 is sleek and stunning. The premium rosewood finish gives this digital piano a classy look and it will fit right in with any home décor scheme. There is a sliding key lid which will protect the keys from dust and therefore save you from unnecessary dusting – bonus! The rosewood finish and stand on this electric piano emulates the look and feel of a traditional upright acoustic piano, but with a modern twist – and without the bulkiness!

Kawai KDP110There are many amazing features inbuilt into the Kawai KDP 110 but some of the highlights are the improved hammer action and feel of playing the keys, the jaw-droppingly real piano sounds, and the powerful 40W stereo amplifier and speaker system. This brand new digital piano from Kawai also has some excellent connectivity options including Bluetooth, which makes your playing transferrable to many devices and accessible to everyone!

Buy your very own Kawai KDP 110 today!

If you are interested in buying your very own KDP110 digital piano then head over to the Chase Direct website. Here you can find more in depth information about the instrument and place an order! There are two ordering options available to you. You can either order the piano by itself for just £849, or you can purchase the piano as part of a bundle for an unbelievable £889. In this amazing bundle you will receive the piano, a piano stool, dust cover, headphones, and other accessories.

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