Pianos for High Street Launched in Wales

Pianos for High Street

Every week there are news articles about public pianos – heart-warming tales of unlikely commuters bringing joy to the days of many by playing public pianos on the high street or in train stations. This week is no different thanks to the launch of another public piano scheme in Wales. Rowena Griffiths has come up with this new initiative in order to bring more music to the streets of Wales. This new project has been dubbed Pianos for High Street.

Three pianos are due to be installed as a part Pianos for High Street and they are a little different from the others that can already be found across the UK as part of other public piano projects such as Play Me I’m Yours. The pianos are very highly decorated. The first of the three new pianos has been covered in an ornate mosaic. This mosaic has been created by using pottery donated by members of the public to the Pianos for High Street Cause.

Pianos for High Street
Pianos for High Street – image taken from www.walesonline.co.uk

The People’s Pottery Piano

The first piano, the mosaic piano, has been accepted by the general public with great enthusiasm. It has been called ‘The People’s Pottery Piano’. Following its arrival, various videos and photographs have appeared all over social media where the public have been able to showcase their piano playing abilities, or just have a little tinkle.

Like other public piano projects, Pianos for High Street has relied on public donations. The pianos being installed in public places have come from homes where they are no longer needed. Instead of taking old pianos to the tip, families have opted to donate them to charitable causes like Pianos for High Street. There is a growing number of old pianos looking for new homes due to the surge in popularity of digital pianos. Thanks to this massive growth of popularity for electric pianos, there are likely to be more public pianos coming to high streets all over the UK in the coming decade.

Upgrade to a Digital Piano Today

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