Treasure Discovered in Upright Piano


This week’s news in the world of pianos has proved to be particularly interesting. The best bit of piano news to hit the headlines has been the story of treasure being discovered inside an old piano.

Treasure Discovered inside Piano

No fewer than 913 gold sovereigns and half sovereigns have been discovered in Shropshire hidden underneath the keyboard of a 1906 Broadwood and Sons of London upright piano. The coins were stitched into both packets made out of cloth, and a drawstring purse and have stayed hidden away for decades until a tuner unearthed them while tuning the piano. It is a wonder than such a hoard of treasure sitting under the keys of the piano didn’t change the sound of the instrument enough for someone to look and see what was causing the undoubtedly unusual noise.


Piano Money Declared Treasure

Despite fifty people coming forward to the local authorities to lay claim to the coins, they were ultimately declared to be treasure. The coins in the hoard date from 1847 to 1915 and the Saffron Walden Museum in North-West Essex is now raising funds with which it can acquire a selection of the coins alongside the piano. Once target funds have been raised, the piano and coins will be used to create a special display piece for school children.

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