The Perfect Piano for a Family on Holiday

Take your piano on holiday

The Perfect Piano for a Family on Holiday

If you are lucky enough to go on family holidays regularly or even holiday once a year, then you might want to consider a solution to your piano practising problems. When most families go away on their jaunts, they don’t even consider taking a piano with them. However, if someone in the family has a piano exam looming, it is never a good idea to miss days of precious practise time.Take your piano on holiday

How to Solve the Holiday Practising Problem

The prospect of adding a piano filter to websites like AirBnB has been discussed before, but hasn’t actually materialised yet. While the general public wait patiently for big travel companies to realize the needs of the travelling pianists of Britain, there is thankfully another option to holiday practising woes.

Portability for Your Holiday

Pianos such as the Chase P-50 digital piano have the option of coming with a portable X stand. X stands are fantastic for travelling around with as they are collapsible. Folding your X stand up and down is no problem whatsoever and makes the whole process of moving your digital piano from point A to B incredibly easy. Thanks to this brilliant stand, any holiday where you are travelling in a car is perfect for taking a piano.

In addition to the collapsible X stand for your electric piano, gig bags are also available. Sliding your digital piano into a gig bag only takes a moment but offers more portability for travelling around or taking your piano on holiday with you. Gig bags also offer a little protection from dust and other elements.

If you are interested in finding out more about the portable digital pianos available today then start by browsing the Chase Direct website. There are a number of excellent digital pianos available at unbeatable prices – for more information give the piano team a call.

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