Keyboard Cat Dies Aged Nine

keyboard cat

At the age of nine, the piano sensation Keyboard Cat has sadly died.

While he was not perhaps the most technical pianist the world has seen in the past century, Keyboard Cat racked up nearly 90 million views on his official Youtube channel – which you can find here. Followers and admirers will be devastated to hear the news and a number of Keyboard Cat tributes have already been posted to commemorate him and his unique piano playing style. More are sure to flood the internet in the coming weeks and months.

The Humble Origins of Bento the Keyboard Cat

This sad news has brought to the attention to many the fact they this Keyboard Cat (whose actual name is Bento) wasn’t the original. The original Keyboard Cat had the same owner, Charlie Schmidt, who adopted both feline musicians from the local animal shelter. The original was called Fatso and died many years ago, the original video having been filmed back in the 1980s.

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A Comment on Keyboard Cat

Classic FM commented on the sad situation as follows;

“In terms of exposure, Bento was one of the most viewed pianists on the planet. His playing may not have been virtuosic, but his star quality and unconventional technique would make him the envy of any working pianist.”

Pay Tribute to Keyboard Cat

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