Get Playing with some Winter Jazz

Get Playing with some Winter Jazz

Despite the start of spring having officially made an appearance in the UK, to most of us living here it definitely still feels like winter. The sub-zero temperatures and snow flurries aren’t set to subside for a while so why not have a go at playing some winter jazz on your piano?

Jazz music is a genre that never fails to warm the soul, which is much needed in these freezing days and weeks! If you are lucky enough to already own a digital piano, then you have the perfect instrument to play your winter jazz on. Most electronic pianos come with a selection of inbuilt piano voices or sounds which have the potential to liven jazz up considerably. Many electric pianos even have the option of being able to play with a specific jazz piano sound, built for this very purpose.

Winter Jazz

Winter Jazz Inspiration

Whether or not you want to use different voices, or even a rhythm backing, playing some winter jazz on your digital piano is sure to bring some warmth to the freezing cold nights we are experiencing at the moment. Youtube is filled with tracks and playlists entitled ‘ Winter Jazz ‘ if you are short on ideas, and there are also many inspirational tracks to listen to on Spotify.

Finding the Right Piano

If you don’t have a digital piano but would like to invest in one, Chase Direct is an excellent starting point for your search. Chase Direct stock many top of the range electronic pianos from their own brand, Yamaha, Kawai, and Casio. Start by having a look at the Chase pianos as these wonderful instruments come equipped with all of the features you could want and the sound is beautiful. All of this comes with a low price tag that cannot be beaten!

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