The Piano Guys

The Piano Guys

The Piano Guys

Since their rise to fame a number of years ago, the Piano Guys have continued to release new songs and videos and their number of fans has continued to rise. They are currently underway with a US tour and many fans in the UK are hoping for the release of European tour dates in the near future. The Piano Guys continue to be one of the most popular classical and popular music mash up groups on the internet and hold much promise for the future.

The Latest from The Piano Guys

On the official Piano Guys website you can find the group’s latest releases and monologues to accompany them. Their latest video is a brilliant look into the studio life of the group and the accompanying monologue say as follows;

This mash-up of “Something Just Like This” and “Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2” is one of our most intricate arrangements yet. When Liszt wrote music, especially for his 19 Hungarian Rhapsodies, it’s like he was piling material from several “hit songs” into a compilation of dazzling, finger-flying feats of melody and harmony.

We picked our favorite themes from his staggering Second Rhapsody and wrote them right on top of the sticky melodies and chord progressions from “Something Just Like This.” The idea was inspired by our recent tour, which included a concert in the incomparable city of Budapest, where the model for this match-up was molded. We present, “Something Just Like Liszt!”

The Piano Guys
The Piano Guys in Concert

Christmas from the Piano Guys

While a little late, it’s worth looking at the penultimate video from the Piano Guys if you haven’t already seen it. The Piano Guy of the Piano Guys controls 500 Christmas lights from the 88 notes of his piano by playing I Saw Three Ships.

Be a Piano Guy

If, like the Piano Guys, you would also like to make your own mash ups of classical and contemporary hits then a digital piano is the perfect instrument on which to do it. Chase Direct offer a wide range of amazing piano deals where there really is something for everyone!

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