The Importance of Scales


Scales – the bane of every pianist’s life

At some point in every classical pianist’s life, they have been faced with scales. From a simple C major scale to fiendish chromatic scales in minor thirds, we all have to do them if we want to pass our piano exams with flying colours, but why?

Why Are Scales So Important?

The short answer: scales are amazing for your piano playing technique. By practising and perfecting various different scales, your general playing will improve immeasurably. If we break it down, the primary areas of piano technique that benefit from scales are as follows;

1.       Hand coordination
2.       Accurate fingering
3.       Finger Strength
4.       Keyboard geography
5.       Rhythm

Of course all of these factors can be learned in other ways rather than through the rigorous practising of scales, but scales encompass all of these things in one swift move.


The More We Practise, The Easier Scales Get

Scales will always seem hard when a beginner starts to practise them. They will find that their hands aren’t coordinated and that they sometimes misjudge where the keys are. They will be out of time, and sometimes slip up and use the wrong fingers which will then ruin the whole scale. In the beginning this will seem disheartening to any beginner pianist, however perseverance will always ensure that improvements will be made. It’s probably not what anyone wants to hear, but scales need a lot of practise. With this practise, all other areas of piano playing will improve accordingly.

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