Peter Bence

Peter Bence

Peter Bence

Since its release back in 2017, Despacito has taken the world by storm. Youtube is now full of alternative versions, mash-ups, and covers of this catchy song, and one of the most popular versions is that by the Hungarian pianist, Peter Bence.

Bence is the Fastest Pianist in the World

Bence has been around for quite a while and holds a Guinness world record for the fastest piano playing ever recorded. For those of you who have never heard of him, you can find out much more by visiting his official website which can be found here, or by taking a look at his Youtube channel.

“Peter Bence is an internationally acclaimed virtuoso pianist, recording artist, composer and producer… He has taken the Internet by storm with his piano arrangements of Michael Jackson, Queen and Sia collecting over 300 million video hits and a huge following on YouTube and Facebook over the past 2 years.”

Peter Bence
Peter Bence – image taken from Youtube

Despacito by Bence

In the rendition of Despacito, Bence uploaded to his Youtube channel, Bence can be seen playing the piano in a number of unusual ways. He uses a loop pedal to capture and replay the percussive sounds he makes by using the inside of his piano which is left exposed so the hammers and strings are visible. His videos are certainly interesting and worth a look!

Do What Bence Does

If you like the sound Bence makes but don’t particularly want to start pulling your grandma’s acoustic piano apart – don’t worry. All of the sounds Bence creates can be played using a digital piano. Many electric pianos also come with recording functions where you can record either straight to the piano or onto a USB stick. In some cases (depending on what exactly you wanted to do) this would eradicate the need for a loop pedal and make the whole process a good deal cheaper than buying everything Bence uses!

If you would like advice about digital pianos and to find out more about the features and functions they come equipped with then have a look at the Chase Direct website or give the piano team a call.



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