The Perfect First Piano – The Chase P-47

Chase P47

Are You Looking For Your Child’s First Piano?

If you are looking for your child’s first ever piano, the Chase P-47 is the perfect choice. Delivering Chase’s celebrated piano technology at an incredibly affordable price, this compact and attractive digital piano offers best-in-class performance that provides a solid foundation for learning the instrument the right way. Its rich, authentic piano tone inspires young players to explore and develop their own musical expression, while the fine weighted keyboard action – derived from Chase’s flagship models – provides an accurate acoustic grand touch which is essential for a proper piano education.

The Advantages of a Digital First Piano

As a digital instrument, the Chase P47 presents a multitude of advantages over a traditional acoustic piano which both encourage learning, and make playing fun. These advantages include recording and metronome functions, an output whereby you can export your recordings, and a wide selection of other sounds including strings, organs, drum kit, and bass. In addition to these outstanding features, there are many other interesting settings stored within the Chase P 47 which provide a fantastic way to motivate children and develop their musical skills and learning fun.

Chase P47
Chase P47

The Most Attractive Feature

Perhaps the most attractive feature of the Chase P-47 for many is the affordable price tag. At just £279.99, this phenomenal digital piano is the best value for money in its class by a long way and still comes jam packed with everything a piano beginner could possibly need.

If you are interested in finding out more about the Chase digital piano P-47 then please have a look on the Chase Direct website. Alternatively, if you have any further questions about any of the technical aspects of this wonderful digital piano then don’t hesitate to call the dedicated piano team at Chase Direct on 0161 244 5555.

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