Nintendo Announce the Release of a Tiny Cardboard Piano for the Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Labo Piano

The Nintendo Switch

Those of you who have kept up to date with the gaming industry will know that the Nintendo Switch has been a big hit since it hit the shops a year ago. Nintendo fans have not been disappointed by the console, which can be used as either a hand held console, or hooked up to a TV to be used with the controller. Classic games such as Mario and The Legend of Zelda have kept players occupied, but at the NAMM show last month, something new and exciting was released – the Nintendo Labo. The Labo is a kit whereby you can build your own miniature piano out of cardboard to slot your Nintendo Switch into.

Labo Kits for the Nintendo Switch

The New Labo cardboard kits for the Nintendo Switch will allow users to build pianos, cars, fishing rods, houses, and motorbikes. All of these cardboard constructions will work in conjunction with the Nintendo Switch and will enable you to play new games and activities. Whilst all of the creations sound fun and interesting, the thirteen note piano is definitely the one which has piqued the public interest.

Nintendo Labo Piano
Nintendo Labo Piano

How the Labo Piano Nintendo Switch Works

Various sources have reported that the Switch controller’s infra-red camera will be able to see the cardboard piano keys, and thus detect which ones are being pressed by the player. This information is then relayed back to the Switch screen, which mirrors the keys being pressed. Apparently, the piano Labo kit even comes with several separate knobs which are able modify the sound produced by the console. One of the knobs is said to change the piano sound into a choir of meowing cats – why not?! Many people think these additional sound-changing knobs will means the Labo piano will have the ability to be played like a synth, which has caused much excitement in both the music technology and gaming worlds.

If you are excited about Nintendo’s new creation but can’t wait until the release date in April then why don’t you consider investing in a digital piano to tide you over? While you might not find a chorus of meowing cats included in the voice and sound lists, you will have options of strings, guitars, woodwind, and percussion. You can record and overlay, and then export your recordings to your computer or tablet to share on social media. Digital pianos such as the Chase P-47 or the Chase P-50 come with low price tags but an astounding range of features which will more than ready you for the Nintendo Switch Lado piano!

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