A Night of Spanish Guitar Music From Craig Ogden 

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A Taste of Spain at the Bridgewater Hall with Craig Ogden

The Bridgewater Hall hosted a hugely successful concert of Spanish music on Saturday night. Nearly half of the programme was made up of popular Spanish guitar music including Rodrigo’s Concierto de Aranjuez and Piazzolla’s Libertango – the soloist of the night was Craig Ogden. The orchestra was the Hallé, and the conductor was the fabulous young Gergely Madaras from Hungary.

Being the head of guitar at the Manchester based Royal Northern College of Music, Ogden was always going to receive a warm welcome at the Bridgewater Hall, but the reception he actually received on the night was incredible. The audience insisted on clapping between movements and it wouldn’t have been surprising if they had decided to clap after Ogden had simply finished tuning his guitar. The solos Ogden produced were wonderful and he demonstrated some beautiful playing and deft finger work.

Classical Guitar

Other than Ogden

Other than the wildly popular guitar solos from Ogden, there was some other interesting pieces on the programme for the evening. Particularly interesting was an orchestral piece from Chabrier; España: rhapsody for orchestra. This piece was undoubtedly Spanish despite having been written in Paris, but most interestingly it was originally a piece of music written for the piano. It was only later that Chabrier decided to expand his composition into an orchestral work.

Ogden Concert Rounded Up

In all, the concert in Bridgewater hall was a huge success, largely due to the guest superstar, Craig Ogden. If you are ever in Manchester and looking for something to do then you should definitely look to see if the Hallé are playing because they produce brilliant concerts time after time and never leave the audience disappointed! They have an up to date website where you can find all of their up to date concert venues and dates.

Chabrier at Home

If you want to have a go at Chabrier’s rhapsody at home then you will need to make sure your piano is up to the job. While an old acoustic instrument might be suitable for playing simple pieces of music, it will be no match for the fast passages of the Chabrier unless it is in good working order and has been regularly maintained. If however, you are the proud owner of a digital piano, you should face no problem. New electric pianos such as the Chase P-47, Chase CDP-345, and the Kawai KDP-110 have the ability to keep up with even the fastest passages of playing and they emit fantastic sounds that would be suitable for the grandest of concert halls.

If you would like to have a go at some of the beautiful guitar music that Ogden took on at this concert, then bear in mind that Chase Direct sell guitars as well as digital pianos. There is a huge range of guitars through which you can browse on the Chase Direct website, or alternatively you can ring the Chase Direct team on 0161 244 5555.


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