A New Piano From Steinway

Steinway Sunburst

Many people know that when it comes to acoustic grand pianos, Steinway is considered by most people to be the crème de la crème. Steinway pianos come with prestige and the name alone commands respect. Of course, there is a reason for this – Steinway pianos make an unbelievable sound and are crafted by expert piano makers.

A New Piano from Steinway

Last week a new piano was announced from Steinway, but this instrument is something a little different. This brand new Steinway piano, named the Sunburst, has been created to pay tribute to pays tribute to the colours of guitars played by rock legends such as Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan and Eric Clapton.

When put away and all lids of this Steinway piano are closed, this piano looks just like any other grand piano… When the lid and key cover are opened however, a wave of vibrant colour is visible. The inside of the piano lid has a bright orange colour around the outside edges and this gradually fades to yellow in the middle – much like many famous guitars throughout musical history.

Steinway Sunburst
The Steinway Sunburst – Image taken from Classc FM


“The Steinway & Sons Sunburst is a result of a collaboration between the piano maker and Wolfgang Niedecken, frontman of German rock band BAP and his colleague Michael Nass.”- Classic FM

 Want to Achieve the Steinway Sound at Home?

If you fancy having a top notch piano at home yourself, then don’t worry – you needn’t pay the £108,000 price tag which you will find on the Steinway Sunburst piano! For under £1000 you can find digital pianos which have been sampled from some of the very best grand pianos in existence. These digital pianos are a fantastic option for anyone who is desperate for a sound like a Steinway piano, but doesn’t have the space for the real deal. Electric pianos tend to be far smaller than acoustic instruments so will suit small spaces but not compromise on the sound quality!


For more information have a look at the Chase Direct website where there are many electronic pianos to browse through, or call the piano team.

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