How Much Should I Practise My Piano?

Piano Practise

How Much Do You Already Practise?

Most piano teachers will advise their pupils to practise for twenty minutes at least three times a week, but in reality how much do piano pupils really practise? Any child who learns at school and is left to their own devices probably doesn’t practise for the recommended amount of time, which of course will slow down their learning process. Older children and adults who are learning the piano of their own desire (rather than that of their parents) are much more likely to practise for longer and get the most out of their lessons. Anyone who goes on to study the piano at Music College or university will practise for up to ten hours a day for a minimum of five days a week.

Accomplished Pianists Practise For Hours

There is no doubt that the piano is an instrument which needs regular attention if you plan on being an accomplished player. So the big question is this; is there a way of encouraging younger children to be more invested in their piano studies and motivating them to practise without having to be told?

Piano Practise
How often do you practise your piano?

Invest in a Digital Piano to Encourage Practise

Of course learning the piano involves dedication and a lot of practise above all else, but there are ways in which this dedication can be inspired. A digital piano can liven up practise sessions as it comes packed with all kinds of features and effects which can be used to the advantage of the young player. An electronic piano provides a variety of different sounds which will ensure playing any piece of music can be made into a fun game. They also come equipped with useful practise features which are designed to help with technique and good practice. Most digital pianos that can be found on the market today have integration with apps, so they can be synced up to phones and tablets for even more fun and useful features. The variety of features and things to do on a digital piano are always fun and exciting for young minds – a perfect way to encourage independent piano practise.

New Digital Pianos This Season

Following the NAMM music show this January, a number of exciting new pianos have been released which would be sure to inspire your little ones to practise without being prompted. Some of the highlights are the new Kawai digital piano, the KDP-110, the Casio AP-470, and the Yamaha YDP S34. All of these pianos are available to pre-order through Chase Direct but if you would like to discuss other options then don’t hesitate to give the piano team a call on 0161 244 5555.

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